Late, Late, Late!

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Ghshaaash! That’s Wallekki for something I can’t print here.

I am so far behind–it takes two or three times as long as it should, to shop for the weekend’s groceries. And I still can’t buy any rubbing alcohol. Can’t be had for any price.

I want my cigar.

It’s raining.

You know what I hate about all this social distancing-stand in line-wear the stupid mask stuff? It’s like being back in school! It’s like they took my adulthood away. That really bugs me. It took me 70 years to get here, and some political pipsqueak wants to wipe it out?

Let’s go stand in the rain.


4 comments on “Late, Late, Late!

  1. Yeah, seems like someone wants to see just how far they can push us before we totally revolt. Deprive us, irritate us, push a little harden- then stand back and watch the back-lash IF it ever comes. If not, then they have won.

  2. Actually, I’ve been thinking that it’s more like Saudi Arabia — except that men as well as women have to cover their faces when they go out, and men as well as women aren’t allowed in close proximity with anyone except family, and even then only at home.

    Come to think of it, in Saudi Arabia, women aren’t even allowed outside of the home without permission from a male in the household. Now no one is allowed outside the home without permission from the State.

    Welcome to equal (lack of) opportunity Saudi Arabia in America, everyone.

  3. Life is about risk. At first we were told by the “experts” that millions of Americans will die from the Wohan virus. My wife and I went out and stocked up on necessities. But it wasn’t long before we realized we had been duped. If people want to risk getting the flu by continuing to work and serve it should be their constitutional right to do so, especially when the pandemic is no worse than the seasonal flu. Again, who is more dangerous to America, the MSM or the Wohan virus?

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