Nooze Media: Caught Again!

First Aid Kit Rubbing Alcohol, Isopropyl Alcohol, 16 oz Bottle ...

A Washington Post reporter recently “reported” that isopropyl rubbing alcohol costs $2,375 on (–which, of course, is Donald Trump’s fault, boo, hiss.

She forgot to mention that that’s the price of a 55-gallon drum of alcohol. She deleted her alarmist tweet after somebody pointed that out.

We buy it by the pint, when we can get it. At our local newsstand, we pay $2 and change. That’s only a little higher than the price we pay at the supermarket, when they have it. They had some yesterday, but I missed it (*sigh*).

At a time like this, the public has a critical need for accurate information–and that’s precisely what our nooze media refuse to give us. This renders them useless as a source of information.

And 40% of the people still trust these bozos not to lie?


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  1. They believe what they want to believe. Truth?! pooey on that. Don’t we remember that my truth is as good as your truth. That is much more conveient.

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