You Think You’ve Heard Everything…

Pelosi on Biden: "I'm sorry that you were offended" is not an ...

Yardbirds of a feather

Nancy Pelosi, the daft old trout who serves as Squeaker of the House, has endorsed doddering Joe Biden for president.

And here’s the quote.

Pelosi called Biden “the personification of hope and courage, values, authenticity, and integrity” ( Yeesh, she’s as balmy as he is.

“Values”? Great Caesar’s ghost. “Authenticity”? Well, he is authentically not in the best of condition, mentally. That much is authentic.

But “Integrity”? It’s possible that Nancy Pelosi, herself a zillionaire who didn’t get that way by honest labor, does not know what the word means. Integrity and Joe Biden go together like long walks and short piers.

Democrats are hoping that the rigors of the Great Quarantine, which they have actively worked to make as punishing as possible, will alienate America from President Trump and allow them to get their creepy weird wacko into the White House. They will accept any amount of damage to their country, as long as it brings them back into power.

The Democrat Party needs to be put out of business this November. Permanently.

A vote for any Democrat is a vote against America.

4 comments on “You Think You’ve Heard Everything…

  1. Yes, ruthless, and also very deluded. They do not seem to understand that if they destroy the opposition party, and the nation, they will be destroyed also. They have a mind set that is authored by ‘you know who’.

  2. Now Senator Shumer is clamoring for an investigative committee to look into how badly Trump has conducted the response to the Wuhan pandemic. Kamala Harris is mouthing off about how Trump has killed people, and how only the Dems can revive the economy. How do these nitwits get away with outrageous lies with not one shred of evidence to back up what they are proclaiming? I know, the MSM not only has their back, they back all that they say. Even Sen Amy Klobuchar is telling her Democrat base that Trump says people should drink cleaning products to kill the coronavirus. My wife can’t understand why God does not strike these people dead in public so the fear of the Lord will come upon the land.

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