‘Centaur Escapes from Government Raptor Facility’ (2014)

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Remember what a scandal this was? Remember how upset the IRS was, when it came out that the budget for their raptor-breeding facility as only about half the size of Harvard University’s?

Centaur Escapes from Government Raptor Facility

They never did catch the centaur who got away. He melted effortlessly into the general population. As for the raptor farm, so far all efforts to shut it down have been overturned by a federal judge appointed by President *Batteries Not Included.

Every now and then one escapes and eats people.


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  1. This sentence takes my breath away: ” and a lot of major figures in this government are not going to be around tomorrow.” It makes me think of how Joe Clueless Biden is planning on assembling the same President Without Batteries suspects for his administration. Hillary came out for him today – no telling what he had to promise her.

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