How To Not get ‘the’ Viris!!

2016 1/4 oz Proof French Gold Mickey Through the Ages Coins l JM ...

See this hear coing? Iff yiu cary It “in” yore pockit,, yiu cant Get “the” Corny Viris!!!!!! I hadded “to” Paiy this Gye al “my” Munny for It becose “it” “is” Salad Gold!!!!

At frist i was Reluctrint to bye It,, i thinked this hear It “is” jist a Pitchure of Mikky Maose!! waht do i Whant whith a pitchure Of Mikky Maose?? He sayed well “that jist Gose to Showe watt yiu know, stopid!!!” it Torns Out “it” is NOT Mikky Maose at al–wow!! it is Pressadint Obomma diskyzed As Mikky Maose!!!!! How abote That!!!!!

And whole Onto yore Hatts, yiu know “watt” “this” Coing it does??? It Stopps yiu frumb ever Geting “the” Corny Viris!!!!!!!!! Yiu can dump “a” botle “of” Viris Watter rihght “on” yore Hedd and yiu “stil woont” Get it!!! Becose Pressadint Obomma he woont “let” yiu “gett It!”! He is diskyzed as Mikky Maose to foool The Viris!!! And aslo The gye he sayed the Viris it is Affrayed “Of” Dizzny chactotors!!!! He has aslo got “a” coing whith Hillery she Is diskyzed as Gooofy!!!! i wood Love to has that One too but i hasnt got “No” moar Munny!!! and thare is anether Coing whith Burny Sandras he is Diskyzed as Dunnold Duckk!!!

The gye he sayed “Yiu “are” luckie yiu camed Allong wen “yiu” did,, this hear it Was The “last” Pressadint Obomma Coing i has for sayle!!”! He sayed he gived me “A” Disscount becose i has got a Onnist Fayce!!!!!


5 comments on “How To Not get ‘the’ Viris!!

  1. Joe, the best part is when you peel back the gold and find the chocolate inside. 😉

    1. Didn’t you ever have those foil-wrapped chocolates in the shape of large coins, usually wrapped in gold and silver foil? Or were those just Hanukkah candies? When I was a kid, we used to use the chocolate coins for tokens in playing with draidels during Hanukkah. If we were very careful, we could extract the chocolate and press the foil back together to look like coins again.

    2. *I* wasn’t confused! But Joe just about plotzed.
      I used to get a lot of Hanukkah candy samples, as a liquidator. One of the percs of the job.
      But Joe was sure he was buying salad gold.

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