It’s Getting Nasty Out There

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We had another frustrating trip to the supermarket today. Now they’ve got these arrows taped to the floor, and you’re supposed to follow them. If you actually did that, it would take three or four times as long to buy your groceries, thanks to the need for constantly having to change your plans because of shortages.

So I was going the “wrong” way down the aisle, because what I wanted to buy was out of supply and I had to back up and look for a substitute, when some woman came along and sneered, “Hey, what about the arrows–old man?” This was so fantastically rude that I lost my temper and replied in Anglo-Saxon. She answered in kind.

I guess my grey hairs were showing, and somehow that gave her an entitlement to insult me. “Old.” As in stupid. As in worthy of disrespect. What do you want to bet, though, she’s going to vote for Joe Biden, who’s older than me and almost completely potty?

Oh, let’s all be good little soviets and follow the arrows on the floor!

No thanks. Bad enough we have to wear the masks and can’t buy rubbing alcohol. We don’t have to encourage tinpot tyrants.

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  1. I share your disgust with the arrows on the floor. They’re supposedly to keep us from (heaven forfend!) pushing our carts too close to someone who’s passing in the opposite direction. (So instead you pass someone who’s going in the same direction but has paused in a trance to contemplate the pickle jars.) Fortunately, only one of the three stores I go to regularly has those arrows, and I don’t go to that store as much as I used to, by now almost only for cat food, since the other two stores don’t carry the varieties that Iggy eats. It’s infuriating to want something a quarter of the way up an aisle and have to go all the way up the neighboring aisle and back 3/4 of the way down the aisle I need. And most of the time there’s no one in the wrong-way aisle anyway when I need to use it. Grrrr. As I say, I don’t go to that store very much any more.

    This is one of those with-it stores, by the way, that’s very (ahem) socially conscious — which, interestingly enough, usually means “mostly for well-to-do people.” They were among the first to ban plastic bags and require shoppers to bring their own reusable bags or else buy reusable or paper bags at the checkout counter. I was delighted when the virus scare made them ban the unsanitary reusable bags in turn and go back to the plastic bags. I mentally blew razzberries at them, and I would have done it physically except that they’d have had me arrested for spewing germs at them.

    1. Oh, I have no quarrel with the workers in the store. They’re doing the best they can to keep their jobs. It’s the ruling management that I want to blow razzberries at. Some of the workers in the store would probably join me … behind their masks, of course.

  2. I couldn’t have held back a long, sarcastic, insulting retort to that deranged robot. I’m at the end of THEIR rope and ready to really give it to the next leftard who even looks at me. The Dept of Health in my city overrode the doctors’ cause of death to turn them into CV19, thereby causing the city to further lock us down, close even essential services, and raise taxes! Democratic cities are toxic – and so are the people who vote for them. It’s an asylum!! And that stupid person who called you old doesn’t even know she’s dead and “old” would be a compliment. Leftards don’t have the ability to see themselves as others see them. Congress and democratic cities are proof of that.

    1. Yeah–a window-washer falls to his death because the rope breaks on his scaffold… and it’s chalked up to coronavirus.
      They have no respect for us at all.

  3. All those little things they make people do are only there to give people a false sense of security. If someone really has the coronavirus, little arrows on the floor are not going to stop it from spreading.

  4. Our supermarkets are beginning to show a shortage of meats. So glad most of the States are lifting restrictions and by July 4th we can all rejoice as Trump & family watch fireworks at Mt. Rushmore.

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