World’s Cutest Bunnies?

Netherland dwarf bunnies–oh, my! So adorable, you could plotz.

You might find this incredible, but some scientists believe bunnies like these are distantly related to a prehistorical animal that doesn’t look bunnyish at all… the Uintatherium. That’s this fellow, here:


No, no! Not the guy in the shirt. The big one with tusks and horns. They want to put it on the rabbit family tree. Go figure.

3 comments on “World’s Cutest Bunnies?

  1. Absolutely adorable. If there are people that believe rabbits are closely related to Uintatherium, they either need better glasses, or mental health care.

  2. Little bunnies stole our hearts back in the early 1980’s. I have many buried in my backyard with a plague by them “Until We Meet Again At The Rainbow Bridge..” The scientists are wrong – bunnies came from the angels.

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