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A Window into Another World

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Charles R. Knight was always one of my favorite artists. He is best known for the paintings he executed for our country’s great museums–paintings that make prehistoric ages come alive.

This is one of his renditions of Uintatherium, a walking fortress that exists no more. Well, naturally I’m going to groove on the prehistoric animals. But lately it’s been another aspect of Knight’s paintings that has captured my imagination.

His backgrounds.

Look closely. Take your time. Ignore the creature and study the landscape. I don’t know about you, but I would just about swear that Knight’s prehistoric landscapes were real places that he’d visited.

I know about that. I dream of places that are only real when I dream them. In fact, that’s how Bell Mountain started.

I know nothing of Charles R. Knight’s religious beliefs. But I believe that if the Holy Spirit wants to use you, He will, regardless of what you believe. If we approach Knight’s possibly real, possibly imaginary places in the right frame of mind, the Spirit might touch us, too.

God created the world and all living things, and pronounced them good. If He has Uintatherium safely tucked away in some unguessed-at corner of His universe, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were in a place just like the one Knight painted.

And who would be more surprised to discover that than Charles Knight himself?

‘A Prehistoric Lollapalooza’

Image result for images of uintatherium

Nobody painted ’em like Charles R. Knight

What with one thing after another, I don’t have much oomph today: not much spark to my bark. Too much noise in the environment.

Anyhow, to turn to a more promising subject–

Uintatherium has been one of my favorite prehistoric critters since I was six or seven years old. Alas, the only video I’ve ever been able to find is this old soup commercial:


C’mon, somebody! Make us a real Uintatherium video. I mean, the world’s been waiting for it–right?

Critter Video Test, Take 1

Why won’t this computer let me post still images today, but videos are okay? I can’t figure it out. You readers get the benefit of this nice little Uintatherium video (which, alas, is also a soup commercial), but all I’m getting is confusion. If I want to post an image, I have to go over to the laptop. This is not efficient.

Enough of this. For the time being, I retreat to Obann.

Joe Collidge Protests My Uintatherium Video

I jist want to say that that unitatharium Video it was racist and stopid lee is a racist for postin it!

it is also Homo Phobbia and I think they was Climbit Change Denile in it too. He shulddnt be aloud to make posts like this and yiu wate till Hillery is Pressdint and then yull see what hapens! Then al these stopid peple thay wil have to go to Jail. Or may be get thare heads choped off! Becose thay are Haters and we jist wil not tollerate Haters not for one minnit, oh man them Haters make me so Mad and now my Moth antenners spining aruond and aruond and i think I feel whoozee…


Your attention, please.

The guest blogger was unable to continue on account of his extreme emotional reaction to the Uintatherium-gimmick soup commercial.

Normal service has been resumed.

A Prehistoric Lollapalooza

I’ve been trying to find you a video of one of my all-time favorite prehistoric animals, Uintatherium, and the best I can do is this old soup commercial. Actually, this Uintatherium looks pretty good, although its size is, shall we say, greatly exaggerated–unless it’s the mob of hungry humans who’ve been downsized.

This is the critter, the sight of which causes Lord Orth to lose his mind in The Last Banquet. It also caused me to lose track of 17 or 18 Temple servants, but my editor fixed that before the book was published.

Uintatherium was about the size of a full-grown rhinoceros, with a huge rectangular head full of horns, knobs, and tusks. I’ve always enjoyed it, and I hope you will, too.

One of My Favorite Critters

Just as a relief from the nasty stuff I have to write about, let me treat you to a classic picture of one of my all-time favorite prehistoric animals, Uintatherium. This rhino-sized beast, with horns all over its head and tusks in its mouth, was responsible, in The Last Banquet, for freaking out Lord Orth and putting him exactly where God wanted him.

How I would love to see one of these babies!

Maybe, in the regeneration of all created things, the Lord will show me one.

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