Tearing Down the Cross

Chinese Christian churches face new threats as state religious ...

You know they want to do it here.

This is the only nooze I’ll report today. I haven’t got the heart for more.

When I read the line, “The latest enforcement measures have included removal of the cross from churches,” my fear was that this was happening here, in America. But no: this is the latest from Red China.


For reasons that sane people cannot understand, the Chinese communist state has decided on a “crackdown on religious practice”–and this involving government-sanctioned churches belonging to the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association: that part of the Church that has committed itself to compromise with communism. It’s happening all over the mainland; and the priests in those churches are complying because they’re afraid that if they don’t, their churches will be demolished or converted to secular use.

The government has imposed “strict new regulations concerning religion,” and failure to comply can result in destruction of the church.

This is what happens when you get into bed with the devil. And so we have “teams of young people” removing crosses from the outside and the inside of churches.

Does any of this sound sickeningly familiar? “Stop trying to hold services, or we’ll tear down your church!” New York Mayor Bill de Blasio (real name, Warren Wilhelm Jr.) threatened to close down non-compliant churches and synagogues “permanently.” Yes, he said “permanently” (https://www.jpost.com/diaspora/nyc-mayor-to-synagogues-close-for-coronavirus-or-be-shut-down-permanently-622767). That was back in March. Since then, police–Herod’s men–have broken up church services and harassed churchgoers in several cities throughout the United States.

American leftists, apparently including a number of Democrat mayors and governors, admire communist China and would like to impose its system on our country.

They must be defeated, and communism must be destroyed.

And if we don’t do it, God will.

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  1. I try to remind myself that they can tear down all the physical crosses they want, but the Cross has still conquered, and they can’t change that.

    I’d really like to hear “The Old Rugged Cross” again.

  2. So thankful, starting this Sunday churches in Arkansas can open no matter how big they are! Is anyone alarmed that our MSM is performing as a PR outlet for the CCP? And isn’t it ironic that while China is playing down the number of deaths by the Wuhan virus, the USA is playing them up?

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