Kittens & Baby Chicks

Resistance is futile! Kittens and baby chicks–no way you’re gonna resist that. Don’t even try.

It is said that Alfred Hitchcock, “the Master of Suspense,” never had much to do with cats and chickens. I will not attempt at this time to involve myself in that discussion.


6 comments on “Kittens & Baby Chicks

  1. Sure looks like they are enjoying themselves, and what could be sweeter than all these babies.

  2. It’s amazing how gentle animals can be, even when an infant bird is pecking at their eyes.

    Earlier today, my cat and I had one of our mock fights. It’s not a fight in any real sense of the word, but every so often, she feels to need to practice her martial arts on my hand, but she never actually bites or scratches. She can have her back arched, her fur standing on end and look fierce, but she never uses a claw.

  3. They all seem to be interested in the same thing! That’ interesting by itself.

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