Cat & Rooster Cuddling (Plus Weird Dream!)

This video is so odd, I just couldn’t resist it. And it reminded me of an even odder dream.

My father, a man not given to flights of fancy, once told me he dreamt he was trying to teach one of my pet frogs to talk… and was making some progress with the word “finger.” The world has been waiting for a frog that could say “finger” clearly.

Kitten As Chick Magnet?

The kittens in this video have the most solemn faces I ever saw. Are they going to grow up to be bishops? But before that happens, what about the chick? Will it bond to them? I’d like to see that, a few years from now.

This Cat’s a Chick Magnet

If these three chicks get attached to her, this cat will have friends for life.

Our cat Henry had no interest at all in our pet mice–but the baby fence lizards, hoo-boy! Had to cat-proof their terrarium.

I wonder how he would’ve done with chicks.

Kittens & Baby Chicks

Resistance is futile! Kittens and baby chicks–no way you’re gonna resist that. Don’t even try.

It is said that Alfred Hitchcock, “the Master of Suspense,” never had much to do with cats and chickens. I will not attempt at this time to involve myself in that discussion.


The Hen Who Raises Cats

This is fascinating. The hen raised a cat to adulthood, and is now helping the cat raise her kittens. The hen won’t let any of the other chickens into the hen-house while the kittens are there–except for her own daughter, who helps her (hey, somebody help me with a verb here!) tend to the kittens.

Mere biological machines–what bunk.

When It’s Time to Feed the Chickens

This’ll be old news to those of you who’ve lived on farms; but it’s all new to those of us who haven’t.

So you call the chickens for their feeding time, and they all come running (I couldn’t possibly eat my chickens, if they came when I called), and the rooster crows–and along come the cats, eager to share in the chicken-feed. Suddenly we’re in the middle of a Freddy the Pig book.

My question is, what were they feeding the chickens, that the cats liked so much?