Answered Prayers: I’m Better Today

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For those who missed the introduction to this morning’s hymn, I’m much better this morning–and I thank all my friends here who raised me up in prayer.

The Smartest People In The World (just ask ’em!), in reality the most pitifully stupid people in the world, insist there is no God who hears prayers or can do anything about them. Says so right there in the Humanist Manifesto.

As painful and as big a waste of time as it would seem, we ought to pray that the Holy Spirit rescue as many of those poor fools as possible. The Lord would rather (so He told Peter) that no one perished, but that all would come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9).

But He won’t force us.

15 comments on “Answered Prayers: I’m Better Today

  1. Praise be to God!

    And I think the lizard is cute. I always say, “Up to four legs, it’s my friend. After that (6, 8, or more), we part company.” 😉

    1. I can’t keep lizards anymore because the heating in this building has grown so unreliable; and sometimes cats get unpraiseworthy ideas regarding lizards.

  2. So glad ro hear you are better! Praise God! Now maybe you can celebrate that birthday right. And I love the lizard, btw. Reminds me of the day geckos I used to have. 🙂

    1. Day geckoes are beautiful. I saw one hatch, once. The little head came out of the shell, the big round eyes contemplated me for a moment, and then the baby squawked.

      We weren’t able to get the Chinese food we were looking forward to yesterday, but we’ll try again today.

      We did watch “Jurassic Park”–that’s always fun.

    2. That’s so cute! Wish I could have seen a baby day gecko! Now I want a lizard tank again… Maybe when things settle down. Kind of glad I don’t have any animals that require live food right now. We aren’t even venturing out to get our own. Still ordering all our groceries for delivery and not brave enough to eat takeout yet. The thought of some unknown person handling my food ruins my appetite. 🙂 I don’t know if Shipt operates where you are, but they have recently added on tons of new shoppers. Maybe they are taking new customers now. I still worry about you guys going out to stores so much.

    3. Well, we have to get supplies, we don’t have storage space, and who wants to eat meat or produce bought sight-unseen and selected by heaven knows whom?

      The checkout clerks are there every day, and none of them has gotten sick (we know our checkout clerks quite well, and we would know if someone got sick).

  3. I’m so happy you’re well again. Just don’t that again! But just in case all those prayers might have gone to your head (as well as to your heart), i’ll continue praying for your health, strength, and presence.

  4. For those who did not watch the National Day of Prayer at the Rose Garden, it was powerful. The word of the Lord was that all was going to be restored. I can get behind that.

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