‘Wall Street Journal Says “Erase America”‘ (2012)

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God protect us from fools puffed up with a conviction of their own virtue.

We forget it goes that far back: eight years ago, wicked fools were yammering for “open borders.”

Wall Street Journal Says ‘Erase America’

We can only hope and pray that the coronavirus crisis has permanently put an end to this inane idea–if it has enough depth to be an idea, even a toweringly bad one.

Mexico will do better, and our mutual border will be easier to enforce, if we take some of our industry out of Red China and relocate it in Mexico (minus the critical industries that must be brought back home). Jobs for Mexico, just desserts for China.

And for the Wall Street Journal editorial board:

3 comments on “‘Wall Street Journal Says “Erase America”‘ (2012)

  1. I like that idea, bring factories back from China to Mexico and the United States. Maybe America should have taken over Mexico after the American-Mexican War. Their history is so confusing and unsettling, as it continues to be today – and that’s not even considering Guatemala, El Salvador and places like that. So sad – all that potential to escalate human prosperity into the future stagnating in ignorance and corruption.

    1. Setting up factories in Mexico would be a big help–and at least we wouldn’t be tied up with Red China anymore.
      We could really cheese off the commies by moving some of our factories to Taiwan.

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