Answered Prayers: I’m Better Today

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For those who missed the introduction to this morning’s hymn, I’m much better this morning–and I thank all my friends here who raised me up in prayer.

The Smartest People In The World (just ask ’em!), in reality the most pitifully stupid people in the world, insist there is no God who hears prayers or can do anything about them. Says so right there in the Humanist Manifesto.

As painful and as big a waste of time as it would seem, we ought to pray that the Holy Spirit rescue as many of those poor fools as possible. The Lord would rather (so He told Peter) that no one perished, but that all would come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9).

But He won’t force us.

Holy Spirit

From David Fischer’s blog (damarministries1991). We are not alone.   –LD

Praise Without Words (‘O Come, O Come, Emmanuel’)

The Holy Spirit can speak to us without words. We can do that, too: for God has given us music.

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel by the Piano Guys, piano and cello and no words. I’d like to know the setting, but won’t insist on it.

A Christmas Prayer

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I pray this every Christmas. Please join in!

O Lord Our God–bless this Christmas season of 2018, and give it extraordinary power to turn our hearts to Jesus Christ, our Savior and our rightful, natural Lord. Make it mighty to convert unbelief to faith: turn loose your Holy Spirit to speak directly to the heart and gather souls into The Good Shepherd’s sheepfold. Make this stronger than past Christmases, and Christmases to come, make mightier yet. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Review: Knowing the Holy Spirit through the Old Testament

From SlimJim’s Christian blog. We are not alone.    –LD


An Irish Hymn for St. Patrick’s Day

I don’t understand a word of this beautiful Irish hymn, and please don’t ask me to pronounce the singer’s name. The title of the hymn in English is My Love, My God.

But do we really need to understand the lyrics? The Holy Spirit understands them; and if we relax and let the beauty wash over our hearts, the Holy Spirit will give us understanding that doesn’t require any words.

I think it must be a joy to God, to hear His praise in so many different languages.


An Atheist Heard From

Hustling to get things done today, I was already in a touchy mood when an atheist reader checked in with his two cents’ worth. You can read his comments under my Feb. 19 post, “Atheists Got No Songs” ( ). It was a humorous little ditty, but this reader took a mild exception to it.

I must admit my first impulse was to Spam him out of the blog and hear no more from him, reveling, for once, in the reality that “you can’t beat the house.” I was angry, you see, when he referred to the gospel of Jesus Christ as “a nice little story.”

That was a temptation; but after I cooled off a little, I decided not to Spam him or delete his comments, but to answer again–not that I have any expectation he would listen. For the most part, the atheists I have dealt with–not all of them, but most of them–have a tremendous sense of entitlement which convinces them that they have a right, if you’re a Christian, to come into your cyber living room and pee on the furniture. This guy didn’t quite do that.

I doubt my evangelical gifts are up to the challenge of ministering to this atheist. I dunno–maybe if he listens to enough hymns, or reads enough of the Bible, something might click. I think it’s up to the Holy Ghost to do the clicking.

Did I handle this right? That’s another thing I don’t know.  I didn’t Spam the guy when I first had the chance. That doesn’t mean I deserve congratulations. If anything positive develops out of this–to God be the glory.