Dem Governor ‘Helped’ His Mother Commit Suicide

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You’d vote for this guy–for real?

I’d never heard this story until yesterday–Mother’s Day, no less. I am sorry that I know it. I am sorry that it’s true.

In 2002, Gavin Newsom–now the governor of California, then a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors–“assisted” his mother to commit suicide ( He told this story to The New Yorker in 2002 and it was revisited by Wesley J. Smith of The National Review in 2018, when Newsom was running for governor.

His mother had breast cancer and chose to kill herself. She left a message for her politician son: “Next Wednesday will be the last day for me. Hope you can make it.” Newsom’s sister recalled “how hard it was for him to be with her when she was dying.”

In 2002, assisting suicide was a felony in California. Newsom was never charged with any crime: indeed, hardly anyone seemed even to notice what he’d done. In 2015 the state legalized assisted suicide in the “End of Life Option Act.”

Here in New Jersey, just last year, our own Democrat governor, Phil Murphy–famous for saying that considering the Bill of Rights was “above my pay grade”–pushed for assisted suicide to be legalized by the legislature, but a court shot it down.

Democrats: assisted suicide, abortion–what is it with Democrats and death? Is there anything morally evil that they’re not for? Is there any pathway to the graveyard that they don’t line with cheering and confetti?

These are the kinds of things that we as a nation have to stop doing.

There is no escaping God’s judgment.

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  1. So sad to see the depths to which we have fallen. Judgement is coming, for sure.

  2. Democrats are for legalizing prostitution, lowering the age of sexual consent, teaching masturbation & gender transitioning in elementary school, legalizing drugs, and most of all – mail-in ballots!!

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