Taking a Break

What does Afrikaan Beat, by Bert Kaempfert and his orchestra, have to do with today’s up-to-the-minute nooze?

Absolutely nothing! That’s why I’m posting it.

I’ve been scanning nooze sites while Patty dumps all the boner ads out of our spam folder (are there really that many people obsessed with “hardness issues”? We need to think about something else). And enough is enough. I can’t digest any more nooze today.

Afrikaan Beat came out in 1962. We heard it as theme music on The Sandy Becker Show (appealing both to little kids and young teens like me) and on the jukebox at the YMCA. It is a souvenir from normal times. Back when we didn’t have to worry about Far Left Crazy taking over our country while we slept one night.

This is all I’m going to say about today’s nooze:

If you little tinpot tyrants, wherever you are, intend to withhold from us our God-given rights, enshrined in law, for as long as you can get away with it–well, we’ll just have to take them back. However we do it, it won’t be good for you.

We don’t want your “new normal.” We don’t want anything you’re selling us. Just go away.


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  1. I love this song – haven’t heard it in years. Here’s some good news. Elon Musk opened his Tesla factory against Gov Newsom’s order – that’s 37,000 workers! The civil rights movement has begun – even Trump complimented Musk.

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