We Can’t Trust the Nooze

Our free & independent nooze media’s habit of lying whenever it’ll help the Democrat Party has become a threat to public health. How can we proceed wisely, prudently, if we can’t get reliable information?

Why don’t we trust the noozies?

See the clip: “reporters” remove their anti-virus masks as soon as they think the broadcast is over and the cameras are off. We also see some violations of [trumpet fanfare] Social Distancing.

Aren’t they afraid they’ll get sick and die, if they take the mask off? That’s what’s supposed to happen–right? That’s why I have to wear the hot, itchy mask that fogs my glasses; otherwise they won’t let me in the store.

And so, like so many others, I find myself ignorant of the true nature of the Chinese Death Virus From China and its potential for killing us. From supposedly authoritative sources you hear everything from “OMG we’re all gonna die!” to “It’s mostly just a hoax.” And from the media you just hear gloom and doom, with plenty of sturm und drang, every freakin’ day and night.

And meanwhile–when do we get our rights back? They sure got snatched away in a hurry, didn’t they?


7 comments on “We Can’t Trust the Nooze

  1. Several things that have come to my attention this morning lead me to conclude that we are in a new age of superstition and mythology. No one knows what is true, because they have abandoned the standard of truth that made our civilization successful.

    1. What gets brewed up in the university seeps out into real life–notably, the teaching that there’s no such thing as objective truth, only “your truth” and “my truth,” yatta-yatta. That’s how we wind up with no truth.

  2. I believe the “pandemic” is a hoax and the government’s response is tyranny. The comedy team of Gates & Fauci: Fauci is pushing remdesivir (w/out providing a detailed news release, w/out a briefing at a medical meeting or in a scientific journal to allow scientists & researchers to review the data)to US committees while Gates is pushing his paid-for HR6666 (nice number, satan) “Testing, Reaching & Contacting EVERYONE” which embeds the snitch culture with new agents of the State.

    And of course the Italy con where VIQCC was approved for people ages 9 & older. ANY vaccines given to people whose immune systems are already weakened-such as elderly & sick at any age, are automatically dangerous & life-threatening. 2 vaccines w/in space of a few months & one w/added new viral material & variety of new cellular & genetic debris, plus usual toxic chemicals, you have potential for disaster which is what happened in Bergamo Italy, now the epicenter of the outbreak.

    1. So far Dr. Fauci has espoused every position in the argument which can possibly be espoused. Not exactly the best recommendation for a scientific oracle.

  3. Covid-19, the CCP Virus is a flu, and not that deadly. We have been lied to. If someone dies from a car accident but had the virus that counts as a coronavirus death stat. I went to our Mall today and it is open and the place is loaded with people spending their stimulus money!!

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