A Glimpse of Total Moral Chaos

A Conversation with Dr. Rachel Levine - Erie Reader

If you think this guy really is a woman, you’re as daft as he is.

This story would be funny if it was in a Peter Sellers movie; but in that it involves questions of life and death, it isn’t funny at all. It’s just horrible.

You probably know by now that a nursing home is the worse place to be if there are COVID germs around. Nevertheless, Democrat government officials enjoy forcing nursing homes to take COVID patients, resulting in thousands of avoidable deaths.

So the “physician general of the state of Pennsylvania” ordered the state’s nursing homes and other long-term care facilities to take COVID patients–and then pulled his own mother out of her nursing home (https://dailycaller.com/2020/05/13/coronavirus-pennsylvania-rachel-levine-mother-nursing-home/).

Wow! Breath-taking hypocrisy! We are not told where he moved his mother to: only that he sought to preserve her safety while endangering so many others.

But wait, there’s more!

You’ll note that I’ve been saying “his” and “he” while all the other free & independent noozies have been using “hers” and “she” and referring to this man as if he were a woman. He is not. He is a “trans woman”–a man who says he is a woman. If a man says he is Napoleon Bonaparte, we are not expected to address him as “Emperor” or “General.” But if he says he’s a woman, we’d all better dance to his tune or else.

This is stupid, this is perverted, this is morally wrong and it has to stop. People who go along with it are either fools, cowards, or villains.

But this is what happens wherever Democrats are in charge. Stuff like this, engendered by the Democrats’ bizarre and anti-human ideology, cannot not happen with Democrats in charge.

We aren’t we ashamed of this?

5 comments on “A Glimpse of Total Moral Chaos

  1. I am ashamed of this. Anything that flies in the face of God’s Law and instructions, makes me ashamed.

  2. I agree with some of what you say but I don’t think it is democrats. I think it is people who want to find some way of making a statement and don’t care about how the true people feel. I get that there are people who feel like they are trapped in the body of the opposite sex and I am not saying they are lying. I just think that nowadays people decide one day they want to be a man, the next a woman…I think the people who have gender issues and who handle them appropriately and privately are the only ones who have any truth.

    1. I have no doubt that there are many, many more people promoting “transgender” than there are people with bona fide “gender issues”–most of which have been artificially created by the hype.

      This is an evil and insane movement which must be stopped.

  3. “gender issues” is a false flag. You are whatever gender you were born,
    end of story. You might possibly have some reason for wishing you were different, but that does not make it valid.

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