My Computers Are Revolting!

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You may have noticed I’m running late today. Actually, I’m surprised I’m running at all.

Our computer here has done everything in its power to keep me from posting my blog or editing The Wind from Heaven. It’s gone totally haywire. No more Facebook. And just to get on my stats page requires a lot of slippery maneuvers that are hard to remember.

The laptop isn’t messed up yet–only I can’t use that one because it’s taking all morning to install an update.

Yesterday was a hoot. Suddenly my blog posts were all light-blue letters on a grey background–just about impossible to read! That had me climbing the wall. My webmaster out in California fixed it: she had inadvertently changed some things as she went about some cyber-housekeeping chores.

But now our Google search engine won’t search for anything, it’s real hard to see comments on the blog, Facebook postings are now impossible–and I’ve heard from a couple readers that their computers are on strike, too. Refusing to perform basic functions.

Hey! How about this for a fantastic idea? Let’s hook up our cars to be driven by computers!!! Ain’t that a peach? And then we can put computers in charge of our nuclear missiles–what fun! What could possibly go wrong?

8 comments on “My Computers Are Revolting!

  1. I just left a comment on a different post, and the way it was posted was weird, with messages popping up that I’d never seen before. Then I noticed a typo in my comment, so I posted — or tried to post — a correction as a reply to myself, but although it seemed to post okay, and was included as a statistic in the number of comments, it never showed up. (It may just be delayed, which has happened before.) Something is definitely out of kilter today.

    Sometimes computers can get pretty revolting indeed.

    1. Until today, whenever I have made a second comment, all I had to do was click “Post Comment.” But now I have to click the “Notify me of new comments via email” box which I have never to do before. Then when I check my email to see comments others have me, it says I have to subscribe to the blog to do so. Whatever that webmaster in California did, I don’t like it.

  2. My computer was not behaving yesterday, and I have yet to see how today will be because of a more serious problem– my son’s health and my older son’s horrible job situation, so computer will have to go on the back burner for a while.

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