My Newswithviews Column, May 14 (‘When Do We Get Our Freedom Back?’)

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We should be scared stiff when we contemplate the speed with which governors and mayors and city councils wiped out some of our most basic liberties–to say nothing of how fast we were able to cripple the world’s most prosperous economy.

When Do We Get Our Freedoms Back?

Now we’re in perpetual “lockdown”–originally a prison term. Oh, some of the Red States have begun to inch open again. But Blue States and Democrat-controlled cities–if the big shots have their way, the lockdown will go on and on at least up till Election Day. And they will promise that if we vote for socialist Joe Biden, they’ll let us go back to living our lives.

This must never be allowed to happen again.

And the Democrat Party must be destroyed in this year’s election. Destroyed forever, never to return.

6 comments on “My Newswithviews Column, May 14 (‘When Do We Get Our Freedom Back?’)

  1. One correction to your Election Day prediction … I don’t think they’re depending on Biden to be their boy any more. I’m pretty sure they’ve been grooming Andrew Cuomo to step in. Note the way they’re airing Cuomo’s “briefings” (actually campaign speeches) every day, praising him on all the nooze outlets, and even letting his younger brother “interview” him on CNN all the time — so “cute,” doncha know? As soon as they get a chance to do a primary, I’m pretty sure it’ll be a brokered one, and Cuomo will “reluctantly” and “humbly” let himself be “drafted.”

    (I can’t remember when I last used so many scare quotes in on paragraph. But then again, I’ve been pretty scared lately.)

    1. Gah, that should have been “one paragraph,” not “on paragraph.” Guess my fingers got scared, too.

    2. The longer they keep Biden hidden in his basement, the harder it will be to replace him. According to Democrat rules, the only way he can be replaced now is if he voluntarily bows out, or completely goes psycho and is institutionalized for Alzheimer. 🙂

  2. At this point it’s all about the election, but it could also backfire massively on them. When a Republican wins a California seat it may be a sign of things to come.

    1. I fear they let him win on purpose, when they could have *very* easily cheated out a win, so that they could say to the nation, “See? No voter fraud in vote-by-mail!” They could hold it back for the national elections.

  3. I see where Governor Murphy is opening the Jersey Shore for Memorial Day – well, that’s a start. Arkansas is back open within directives handed down by our elected officials. Our church now has all our Bible and hymnals in the narthex that have been sanitized. Then after the service there is a table to place the Bible and the hymnal that has been used. It is recommended we wear masks, but we aren’t unless someone wants to. I don’t do masks. My doctor says they are harmful for me to wear, and give no protection against the covid-19. Who wants to stress themselves out for now medical reason. Masks are for surgeons and those in the medical profession.

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