A Peaceable Kingdom (Dog & Bunnies & Bird)

My wife’s dogs used to catch and eat wild rabbits; but that’s not what’s going to happen in this video. And my dog Rags used to catch and eat birds; but that’s another thing that this dog doesn’t do.

One bed, one dog, one parakeet, and a bunch of baby bunnies–and everybody’s happy.

Just a little glimpse of what the Lord has in store for us, by and by.

10 comments on “A Peaceable Kingdom (Dog & Bunnies & Bird)

  1. That’s one patient dog, to let those little ones climb all over him like that. The bird was obviously there by choice, or it would have flown elsewhere. Undoubtedly, this was what our God had in mind from the beginning. The rabbits were adorable.

  2. How beautiful! One of the wonderful things about this video is the expression on the dog’s face. It’s almost human – full of love, concern, patience, etc. If I ever get a dog it will be a golden retriever. Are they all like that?

    1. I have the first 11 on the Kindle Reader in my iPad. The amazing thing is, I can carry all of them, plus a bunch of tech manuals, everywhere I go, and the iPad doesn’t weigh any more than it did before I downloaded those books. 🙂

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