Birds No Bigger than Bugs

Baby Hummingbirds: Tiny and Cute | Baby Animal Zoo

I’ve never in my life seen a real, live hummingbird–let alone a baby hummingbird. Look how tiny it is!

It’s a beautiful spring day today, sunny and cool. As I sat outside with my cigar, leafing through The Golden Treasury of Natural History, it occurred to me that I had no idea what a baby hummingbird would look like. I soon found plenty of pictures on the Internet.

As Samuel F. B. Morse once said, “What hath God wrought!” No one has ever seen it all; a lifetime of study wouldn’t suffice.

We have more than a lifetime’s worth of Creation to enjoy.

6 comments on “Birds No Bigger than Bugs

  1. Too bad you don’t have hummingbirds around. They are such fun to watch. We had not got around to installing our feeders yet, but one comes around briefly to check and see if it is there yet, then zooms away to find something to eat elsewhere. When we have the feeder up, there will be plenty of activity.

    1. I know we’re supposed to have them in New Jersey, but I’ve never ever seen one–not even in my grandpa’s back yard, which was chock-full of flowers of all kinds.

  2. Hummingbirds are our favorite. We put out six feeders every summer. What a show they put on. They can remain stationary in front of your face, then dart off at the speed of a bullet.

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