Trying to Get My Head on Straight

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It’s a cool and windy day–something about the wind makes me tired–and having scanned the daily nooze for some hours, I find myself with a bad case of the blahs.

It seems to be the same nooze every day: the virus is king, our economy is all but wrecked, Democrats and all their little toadies in the media are running wild, and it sure looks like the bad guys everywhere are all going to get away with what they’ve done (I was afraid of that). So they tried to overturn a presidential election–big deal. Not that the rest of the world is any better off. And listening to my cats snore is not exactly invigorating.

With all the globalists and liberals and noozies running interference for the Chinese Communist Party, it seems most unlikely, maybe even impossible, that any of these malefactors will ever be brought to justice. We might settle for some justice, but “no justice”–that’s hard to bear. And forget about getting any straight answers to our many questions about the Wuhan virus. We’re all gonna die! No, it’s just a hoax! And every conceivable position between those polar opposites. How do you decide which one to believe?

Maybe a shampoo will perk me up. And after that, some prayer.

See you again sometime after supper.


10 comments on “Trying to Get My Head on Straight

  1. It’s a depressing situation. Satan is doing his best to keep creation in turmoil. When people get away with doing wrong, they are not really getting away with anything. At the Great White Throne Judgment, they will have a reckoning, and that’s as bad as punishment gets. In the meantime, many of them will, at the very least, know the truth, somewhere deep inside.

  2. What you were saying about your day struck me funny, because I too have been feeling very blah today, also I shampooed and fixed my hair, and the news- well, I didn’t watch news, but I heard more than I wanted to from
    other sources than TV, so this day has been pretty much a bummer for me.
    I also agree with unknowable2 in his remarks.

  3. I tried to post this comment: I see a future with not only 4 more years of President Trump, but possibly with another 8 years of Donald Trump, Jr. in the White House. That gives us enough time to fix our Republic. Prosperous again, and free forever.

    Facebook refused: “Your message couldn’t be sent because it includes content that other people on Facebook have reported as abusive.”

    Notwithstanding that Facebook’s message is abusive.

    1. Next time try illustrating it with a picture of happy puppies. Always works for me.

      I hope you’re right in your predictions.

      I’m glad you haven’t disappeared again.

    2. Good advice – lol. Anyway, i’ve been busy spreading the word about the dangers of the totalitarian “contact tracing” that the Rockefellers called for in their White Paper. All over YouTube people are being told that our government is looking for 3,500 contact tracers. So i spend hours every day send posting links to articles and videos that clearly spell out how dangerous this scheme really it is. Not that I could stop it – just doing my part. People are desperate to go back to work and this gift of jobs is a really lowdown deception.

    3. “Help wanted: Workers for community health project. Send applications to Herod.”

  4. It’s all very discouraging. Who would ever have thought that we’d be living through times like these? But I suppose people thought the same thing during the fall of Rome, the Black Plague, the Thirty Years’ War, the French Revolution, the Bolshevik Revolution, the Great Depression (which I just missed by being born right after Pearl Harbor), etc., etc. We’ve been spoiled by living through eighty years of unprecedented freedom and prosperity. We’d forgotten how precarious the fallen human condition is. “Put not your trust in princes nor any son of man.” Rather, “Our help is in the Lord, Who made heaven and earth.”

  5. Sounds like you have been reading the Drudge Report. I gave up on it because it became so damn depressing. Did Matt sell it or something? I have happier days by not reading it.

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