Trying to Get My Head on Straight

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It’s a cool and windy day–something about the wind makes me tired–and having scanned the daily nooze for some hours, I find myself with a bad case of the blahs.

It seems to be the same nooze every day: the virus is king, our economy is all but wrecked, Democrats and all their little toadies in the media are running wild, and it sure looks like the bad guys everywhere are all going to get away with what they’ve done (I was afraid of that). So they tried to overturn a presidential election–big deal. Not that the rest of the world is any better off. And listening to my cats snore is not exactly invigorating.

With all the globalists and liberals and noozies running interference for the Chinese Communist Party, it seems most unlikely, maybe even impossible, that any of these malefactors will ever be brought to justice. We might settle for some justice, but “no justice”–that’s hard to bear. And forget about getting any straight answers to our many questions about the Wuhan virus. We’re all gonna die! No, it’s just a hoax! And every conceivable position between those polar opposites. How do you decide which one to believe?

Maybe a shampoo will perk me up. And after that, some prayer.

See you again sometime after supper.