The Face-Mask: Our Badge of Submission

We need a powerful 'people movement' in support of wearing face ...

I had to go to stores today, so that means I have to put on my anti-virus (they wish!) face mask–my badge of servility, the outward token of my submission to the all-powerful, all-knowing state.

But everything’s a “mandate” now, we don’t debate legislation anymore, and our masters never ask us what they ought to do; no, they tell us what we must do. Or else.

And anybody who voices opposition to the continued “lockdown”–you know: like they have in  prisons when the prisoners get rowdy–is sure to be called a White Supremacist, even if he or she is not white. It would appear there are some folks who like the lockdowns just fine and hope they go on and on until we get permanent socialism. If they hear the word “freedom,” they sneer.

Do we really want to be wards of the state, our whole lives? In a condition of perpetual childhood? Perpetual dependence? Who needs freedom, if the High And Mighty are going to take care of you forever?

God, who really is all-powerful and all-wise–and all-righteous, too! Don’t forget that!–endows us with our freedoms and respects them. He will not use us as puppets.

For sinful, fallible, broken, foolish mortal men and women to play God, to act as God, is obscene and blasphemous. They guarantee our safety, but they can’t deliver. They promise all sorts of utopian goodies, but it’s only empty words. The only thing they’re really good at is abusing and oppressing people. They’ve got black belts in that.

We must never again be stampeded into anything even remotely like The Great Lockdown of 2020. If there’s a crisis and there’s no time to discuss it now, then be doubly sure to discuss it later, as soon as possible. Discuss and debate. And if the action taken to deal with the crisis is unlawful, wrong, ineffective, or worse than the crisis itself–then for sanity’s sake change course!

But with only secular fat-headism to guide us, and in ignorance of God’s ways, we aren’t going to do that well with any crisis.

P.S.–One of our neighbors just came to our door and gave us a bottle of rubbing alcohol. She is now my friend for life.

There are a lot of people who don’t go bad in bad times: and praise the Lord for that.

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  1. The only time I have used a mask was one day when I went to the clinic. Every person anywhere near there was wearing one. I did not hesitate to let them know I thought the whole thing is a stupid game. I tore mine off and threw it in the garbage immediately on leaving. What a stupid thing this is.

  2. While I do agree that the government mandates are inappropriate, do you not feel it is important for business owners to set their own rules for their own places? Shouldn’t business owners have the right to say what they will and will not allow in their stores?

    1. Does that matter? I’m talking the states without mandates. The stores are mandating it, not the government

    2. If the store owners want to demand that customers wear masks, well, it’s their store. I’m just saying the government has never respected those rights. Not in my lifetime.

  3. Most of the staff at the grocery stores I go to hate the masks as well, but they have to wear them. What’s interesting is that even a few people on the staff of the medical center I had to visit today (nothing life-threatening and nothing Wuhan-y) laughed and evidently agreed with me when I made disparaging remarks about the masks AND about the lockdown. But as the old saying has it, “Go fight City Hall.” The Powers That Be have ways of making people comply. And if that sounds like the old WWII movies (“Ve haff vays of making you talk.”), it was meant to.

    As for me, I don’t wear the mask unless I absolutely must use whatever facility requires them. Fortunately, there aren’t many of those — so far, only that medical center. We’ve even found out that our church can only plead with us to wear them but can’t require them.

    My mother used to say that whenever someone tries to force something on you, just say “I’m allergic,” and that will stop most people in their tracks. I’m thinking of trying that with the masks — although it probably won’t work at a doctor’s office. They’ll just ask when I was tested for the allergies and which elements I turned out to be allergic to.

    1. Patty can’t go into the store now because she has COPD and the mask inhibits her breathing.

      This must not be allowed to happen again.

    2. Can you get a note from Patty’s doctor to serve as an exemption for her?

  4. Our doctor says to NOT wear a mask. They don’t help in stopping the virus, they cut off needed oxygen to the blood, they contribute to added stress to the body, and they cause one to be always adjusting them which requires the hand touching the face.

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