Can ‘Journalists’ Repair Their Reputation?

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If Joe Isuzu were around today, he’d be a journalist.

Mollie Hemingway at The Federalist warned her fellow journalists that “media must report truth of anti-Trump spy operation before it’s too late for them.”

She expressed concern for “journalism’s trashed reputation”–self-inflicted, of course–and declared, “The truth is an existential threat to journalists.” It interferes with their self-appointed role of enablers of the Democrat Party and leftism.

Ms. Hemingway, I have a question for you. Suppose journalists don’t report the truth about the spy operation or anything else, but simply continue to be in the bag for The Party, all the time? Suppose they don’t even try to salvage their reputation.

What happens then? What consequences do they suffer? Do people who actually vote for Democrats suddenly stop believing the Democrats’ pet noozies? What do you think would happen? I would love to get an answer to that question. Anybody out there, if you know Ms. Hemingway, please ask her for me.

See, my morale’s been beaten down: I don’t think anything will happen. We have not seen a single bad guy even indicted for trying to undo a presidential election. The dirty cops who did that, most of them now have cushy jobs as nooze consultants. AG Barr says he won’t even look at Obama and Biden and the parts they played, personally, in railroading General Flynn.

No consequences. No justice.

What do lying, cheating, obfuscating, confabulating journalists have to be afraid of?


4 comments on “Can ‘Journalists’ Repair Their Reputation?

  1. I really didn’t think the Democrats would have to pay for their crimes. They never do.

  2. How many liberal newspapers have gone out of business? Plenty. How much has the number of subscribers to the top newspaper decreased? Plenty. How many alternative news outlets are there now that espouse the conservative worldview? Too many to name (they are called radio talk shows and podcasts). Which cable news shows have the highest ratings by far? Fox News conservative shows.. Who are the fastest growing cable news networks? One American News & NewsMax TV. Mark 4:28 “..first he blade, then the ear, after that the full corn in the ear.” And Jesus parable about the kingdom of God is like a mustard seed. Keep the faith, brothers and sisters, we have the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

    1. Do “journalists” not know the facts you’ve just provided? I mean, for some reason they’re just not stopping with the Far Left BS. Why?

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