‘Conspiracy Baloney Aimed at Our Lord’ (2016)

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“Scholars,” eh?

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Conspiracy Baloney Aimed at Our Lord

I happened to be leafing through the latest issue of Biblical Archaeology Review last night. With Herschel Shanks retired as editor-in-chief, the new regime has filled the magazine with ads for books to Reputable Bible Scholars Inc. alleging there was no such person as Jesus Christ–or at best, he was just a nice guy who ran afoul of the Romans.

They are evangelists for atheism. And paganism.

What do they get out of it? Search me.

8 comments on “‘Conspiracy Baloney Aimed at Our Lord’ (2016)

  1. There’s a determined effort to undermine the authority of scripture in any way possible. It’s that simple. Forces in the scientific community, forces in mainstream religions, liberal seminaries; you name it.

  2. Post modern thinking is there is no such thing as sin. People behave badly because of poverty or something being wrong in the environment because mankind is intrinsically good. Now if that is not insane thinking I don’t know what is. And to add insult to injury, they even pontificate on how the individual does not exist, only the collective. And if you disagree with them you are censored, or worse.

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