Movie Airhead’s Knitted Face Mask

I didn’t want to do any nooze today, but I thought it best not to let this one slip past us.

She was in a movie once, so Alyssa Milano never loses a chance to pontificate to us peasants who make it possible for her to be paid lots and lots of money for work that absolutely doesn’t matter.

Her latest caper–a knitted anti-virus face mask (

Behind this ignorance is a leftid’s instinctive preference for government-imposed restrictions. They are drawn to tyranny as flies to decaying meat. So let’s take nationwide house arrest and try to turn it into… a new normal! Grin and bear it! Ain’t face masks cute?

If you don’t understand what’s so ridiculous about a knitted anti-virus mask, take a crocheted baby-blanket or something and try to carry sugar in it. And viruses are much, much smaller than grains of sugar.

Yeahbut, yeahbut! She has a filter in it! Oh, well–!

We have seen, from one end of the country to another, Democrat governors and mayors display a positive lust for controlling people’s lives. The Chinese Death Virus has given them an excuse to do it–and are they ever enjoying it! Like the nit out in California who decreed you can be on the wet sand at the beach, but not the dry sand. What a clever little high school Charlie.

I think we can be reasonably sure that anything pitched to us by a Far Left Hollywood air-head is just about guaranteed to be a spitball.

They keep setting dates for lifting the restrictions and then, when we’re almost there, moving them ahead for several more weeks. It’s their way of trying to get Donald Trump out of the White House.

They wouldn’t do it if they knew it’d result in a white-hot angry voting public punishing them by putting the Democrat Party out of business forever.

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  1. I’m working on a tattoo face “mask.” Don’t blame me. It’s the lockdown. I even laugh now until I cry – what an excuse. “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities” – Voltaire. I’m not there, yet, but my house is getting smaller. It’s beginning to feel like i’m on a long road trip, alone in a car. And they tell us we’re all in this together??

    1. I’ve noticed. Imagine what it’s doing to those who were already on the edge.

    2. I think it would really get to you if you lived alone. It’s getting to me a bit, and I’m married and I work at home. But the changes in my environment are creeping me out.

    3. I always keep myself from the “edge” by venting. The neighborhood kids play outside my house and I keep my door open. Neighbors walk by and wave. There’s a new house construction going on across the street. My nextdoor neighbors check up on me and I sorely miss spending time with them – they’ve been my best friends since the day I moved in, 30 years ago. My other best friend and I communicate by email several times a week and she’s always telling me to pack up and move to upstate Pennsylvania with her and her husband because they’re heavy preppers. And strangely, a representative of our local DNC comes by to check on me to see that i’m okay and if I need anything. I could do without her, but she’s sweet. But if I ever see her at my door with a contact probe, she’s history! And the RNC sends about 20 mostly donate messages every day on my cellphone which I now delete without reading – lol What I worry about is my family who lost their jobs and a small business due to shutdowns and being locked down for so long. Cheers for the red, white, and really blue!

    4. Our Democrat mayor had the police tape off the swings and sliding board at the neighborhood park. Wouldn’t want children having any fun.

    5. That “creeps me out” too. New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Michigan, Virginia etc – just a few of the tyrants who are clearly a psychotic danger to its citizens. Violating the people’s civil rights with impunity must be punished. They should all be removed, forced to seek psychiatric evaluation, and locked up themselves. They are not normal.

  2. My wife and I went to Sam’s Club after church service for some ribeye steaks for grilling tomorrow. A few people wore masks, most like us did not (although all the employees wear masks). Arkansas is open for business!

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