Kittens & Hamsters (It Just Might Work)

Hamsters were kind of grump little souls, when I was just a boy; but it looks like that’s been largely bred out of them and now they’re much friendlier.

So here are kittens trying to make friends with hamsters: nobody taught them they were supposed to eat them. And no one taught the hamsters to be afraid of kittens.

My cats never showed much interest in my mice, beyond a casual sniff or two. It was the baby fence lizards that they wanted to wolf down. But they couldn’t get the lid off the tank.

One comment on “Kittens & Hamsters (It Just Might Work)”

  1. I got the impressions that the kittens were far more intimidated than the hamsters. I’m sure some of these encounters blossomed I to friendships.

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