Another Hell Day

Angry Businessman Destroying Smashing Computer With Baseball Bat ...

The computer went on strike again this morning. Why? Because that’s what computers do! And we’ve made our whole civilization totally dependent on them.

Then we tried to go to Wegman’s to pick up some foods we haven’t had for three months, thanks to Lockdown, shortages, etc. Eating the same few things for all this time: it was starting to pall on us.

Just as we were almost there I remembered I hadn’t brought my Badge of Submission, they won’t let you in the store without it. Go back home and get it. Start for the store again. Patty says she doesn’t think she’d better go, after all–too much pollen in the air today. That must be why we were both coughing like crazy. Back home. Set out for Wegman’s for the third time this morning. This has begun to resemble a Twilight Zone episode. “I will go there and get those items if it’s the last thing I do!” I growl.

Meanwhile, Patty has cajoled Mr. Computer into working. It will now require several extra steps. Every time anything changes, with these machines, it’s extra steps for the hapless user.

Why, look at that! It’s already gone past 12:30! And I am way, way, way behind. Great heaping pile of stuff I’m supposed to do. Ha, ha.

To those of you who are still waiting for me to do this or that, please bear with me, I’m trying to keep my head from exploding.

7 comments on “Another Hell Day

  1. I certainly understand your situation, which is similar to mine. My computer decided suddenly that if I elected to close out some of the pop-up ads, they would just go off line. I found I can turn the computer off, then reboot in a few seconds, and all is back to normal. (hmm, normal?, not so much) that usually happens about once or twice a day. ggrrrr.
    Nothing is working as normal, including my body and brain. double ggrrr.

  2. My computer is eight years old and runs on Windows 8.1 because it won’t take 10.0. Half the time I have to restart my computer just to get to my email – sheeesh. A new computer is tempting – we shall see.

    1. I bought mine from QVC with 6 months to pay it off and received it right away. It came with some free stuff including tech support for a year. FYI

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