Vennazaila it Is The best !!

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I amb hear to Lexture yiu on Socilissm it is grate!!!!!!!!

Thare”s this hear Gye he is awlyaws Saying how he whants “to” Go “to” Vanazaila becose thay has Got sociolissm thare and “it” “is” so Fyne and woodnt yiu Know “it,”, his fambly thay buyd himb a Plain Tikkit to go thare!! It mustof been Expinsiv becoause thay ownly Buyed himb a OneWay tikkit and toled himb thay “wood” shoot himb “if” he Evver come backque!!!!!

Yiu Can jist immajin haow Jellice i was and Evvry Boddy else tooo!!!! We wood al lyke “to” “go” “To” Vinnieswayla and En-joiy Sosciulism!!! Why,, yiu cant evin Be “in” Collidge unlest yiu “are” A Socilist!!!

Sea that thare pixture? Sea haow Neet themb shelfs “are”?? Socilism it cleens Up “mess”!!!

To-nihght we “are” Goingto has a Big Pro Test and dee-mannd That this hear dum and stoopid Americka it has “got ” To turn Sosciolisst NOW!!!!!!! We dosnt has to Whorry abuot geting Sickque becose Scyince it says the Korny Vyris it woont “get” “yiu” iff yiu are Pro Testing,, ownly iff yiu “go” To Churtch or try to has a Party at yore howse!!

I amb hear to Say that Vinnazalea it Is “a” Shyning Essampple of Yuropeein Socilissm jist lyke Sweedin and Zim Bob Way!!!!!

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