Have They Got Us Where They Want Us?

Know the new rules at Walmart, Home Depot and Target - Midland  Reporter-Telegram

I’m late today because I had to go to Walmart to pick up my prescription and they made us wait outside in a big long line.

This is humiliating. And time-wasting.

Look, now there are “scientific experts” telling us that rioting (they call it “mass protest,” wink-wink, nudge-nudge) is an absolutely Essential Activity, indispensable to Social Justice yatta-yatta. You don’t have to wait in line before you can riot. Just rush right in! But if you need your high blood pressure medicine (dig the irony), you’ve got to stand there with your little stupid Badge of Submission face mask until they decide it’s okay for you to go into the store.

Democrats are licking their chops over this as some kind of “new normal” they can keep imposed on the American people until they can finish turning us into perpetual infants who can’t tie their shoes without the Nanny and Big Brother to help them.

I say come November, let’s punish the living daylights out of the creepy leftist Democrat politicians who have subjected us to this–but still think rioting is more important than attending church services.

Yes, they think that–and don’t you forget it.

10 comments on “Have They Got Us Where They Want Us?

  1. I do hope the Democrats are defeated soundly in November but with mail-in voting I’m afraid they’ll steal the election.

    1. Mail-in has to be stopped. No hope of an honest election, if there’s going to be this kind of foolishness. In self-defense the GOP will have to cheat, too: and we’ll wind up with half a billion “votes” cast. Third World, here we come.

  2. When I see a sign on a store door saying face masks are required, I turn around and go elsewhere. Phooey on that. I know, it is a bit more complicated when it is a RX you have ordered. I think I would ask them to send it out to me.

  3. Glad I don’t live in New Jersey. I don’t know how long it will be until it comes to Idaho, but so far, so good.

  4. They will have us “where they want us” if this doesn’t end soon. Like Congress says “sooner rather than later.”

  5. I cringe when I see how many people have invested in the fancy cloth masks, making fashion statements out of them to hide from themselves the fact that they’re living in a state of subjugation. This is the secular equivalent of Sharia, under which infidels are required to accept terms of abject humiliation — including distinctive clothing — in order to be permitted to survive.

    When I absolutely must wear a mask — in order to receive medical care, for instance, or have my hair washed at my newly reopened salon — I wear a tattered old el cheapo throwaway mask. Only I don’t throw it away. I keep it in a baggie in my purse and use it over and over. I don’t care how ratty it looks, or, for that matter, how germy it gets. If the masks are supposed to be a “symbol,” as Il Duce Fauci says, my nasty, neglected mask is a symbol of defiance.

  6. It’s a divide between the Left and the Right. True classical Liberals have much more in common with Conservatives than the Left. Turn Blue states Red at the ballot box – praying every day for the Lord to have mercy on America and fill His people with the Holy Spirit.

  7. I’m with you, White rabbit. I am just doing a new study on the end times
    prophecies and the words “ethnos against ethnos” really rings a bell.

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