‘Politics Without God’

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Polybius predicted the demise of Rome’s republic.

Something “Unknowable” said the other day got me thinking about this, and I decided it’d be a good time to share an article I wrote about the subject, for Chalcedon, back in 2006–the mindless “political cycle” that fallen humanity gets sucked into when it turns its back on God.


Very simply, here’s the cycle.

Chaos and violence > “strong man” > king or president > tyrant > rebels oust tyrant > aristocracy > oligarchy > people oust oligarchs > democracy > mob rule and chaos >>> and the whole thing repeats itself again and again.

Polybius, a Greek general who lived in Rome as a hostage, praised Rome’s republic as the best effort yet to haul a nation out of the endless political cycle; but as he analyzed Rome with a clear and penetrating eye, he would up predicting that the republic would fail. His prediction came true.

Our own country is in danger of this, especially right now. Our only hope is to place ourselves under God’s protection and obey His word.

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  1. deToqueville said that “America is great because America is good. When America is no longer good, it will no longer be great.” He was right.

  2. The only thing that made the US work was the character of its people. That character has eroded drastically in the last fifty years or so. We face rough sledding unless/until people return to godliness.

  3. When the Dem leadership embraces “Defund the Police” the Nov election for President is a shoe-in for Trump – but as we have seen, he cannot do it all by himself.

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