Mr. Nature: the Zebra Jumping Spider

I admit I’m not much for spiders, but I’ve always had a soft spot for these zebra jumping spiders–maybe because I wanted to be a zebra when I grew up, and look how close these little spiders have come to doing that.

Unlike other spiders, jumping spiders can actually see what’s going on around them. While I was writing yesterday, I discovered one of these little guys crawling around on my knee. It was easy to induce him to climb onto my hand and then jump somewhere else. He must’ve liked me because he kept coming back for more. So I played with the spider for a minute or two before finally releasing him onto the ground.

But I insist I’m not eccentric–just enjoying some of God’s stuff. And trying to manage a nooze-free weekend.

3 comments on “Mr. Nature: the Zebra Jumping Spider

  1. I like them as well. I remember one little fellow (?) on the door and I put my finger down to him. He rose up with his two font legs to fight! That’s GUTS my friend. I only wish some people had that much guts. I put him out in the garden where he would be (relatively) safe.

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