More Anti-Police Madness

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Are you absolutely, positively sure you want this, America?

Nine out of 13 members of the Minneapolis City Council say they will vote to defund and disband their city’s police department. What could go wrong?

But that’s not enough for Far Left Crazy. According to The Federalist, The Washington Post, among “several media outlets,” has also called for the abolition of police procedural TV shows ( ‘Cause the shows are “unrealistic,” they say–like all the other TV shows are? Oh, please.

This feels like being on a bus where the driver has snorted angel dust and gone completely crazy, with a fatal accident looming as inevitable.

Minneapolis thinks social workers and, for all I know, poets, can do the job of the police. So if some creep breaks into your home in the middle of the night, you can call a social worker.

Criminals must be thinking that they’ve died and gone to heaven.

This and other suicidal follies is the end product of out-there Democrat ideology, and our country will be hard-put to survive it. They just can’t wait to get into the White House and do to the whole country what they plan to do to Minneapolis.

And look at all the people drinking all the Kool-Aid.

Where is our resistance? Why are we not pushing back against this madness with all our might? The people who are leading this charge belong in straitjackets. And so does anyone who votes for them.

God defend us.

9 comments on “More Anti-Police Madness

  1. Every day, I say to myself “I never thought I would live to see such a day”
    Great Scott, what next.

  2. Actually, I hope they do so everyone can see what a terrible idea it is and how insane these people are. Let’s see how long before Minneapolis turns into Mogadishu.

    1. P.S.–I have not forgotten that I owe you a book. I haven’t been able to buy mailers lately. Rest assured there’s a copy with your name on it.

  3. More good material for a NewsWithViews article. The Mayor of D.C. had “Black Lives Matter” painted in large yellow letters on the main street in town using taxpayer money. Someone else did the same with the message “Defund The Police.” When she was asked about it, she ho-hummed about she would have to look into that – yeah, right. Read the movements’ statement on their official website (it isn’t very long) and tell me Back Lives Matter is not a Leftist, anti-Christian organization.

  4. The problem is that most of these folks who think we don’t need any police truly believe that human beings are naturally “good” with perhaps a few bad tendencies and that if we could only “level the playing field,” so to speak, that people would behave themselves and play nice. They don’t believe in the total depravity of human nature. Under certain circumstances, anyone is capable of murder. I pray to God I never experience that level of temptation.

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