As the Poisons Hatch Out

This clip from the BBC’s I, Claudius series seems distressingly relevant today.

Republics die, usually by their own hand. Emperor Claudius, after absolutely everything has gone completely wrong, has named the evil lunatic, Nero, his successor as emperor. He thinks that Nero will be such a disaster that the Romans will have no choice but to bring back the republic. But when his adviser asks him why he has chosen to do this, Claudius’ reply is cryptic:

“Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out.”

Well, here and now in our republic, our poisons are hatching out all over.

God will have to intervene, if we are to survive this chaos.

Pray hard, pray several times a day–and work hard to stop this catastrophe. The people who are doing this to our cities want to do it to our country. And millions of voters will try to hand it over to them.

We’re finished, if they do.

7 comments on “As the Poisons Hatch Out

  1. I remember reading the book of that title years ago, and it was a real doozie. Not something any sane person would want to see happen.

    1. “I, Claudius” tells us how really smart and clever men and women wrecked their own lives and destroyed their republic.

  2. The Blue States are finished. If you want a good quality of life, move to a Red State. That is how our Founders set up our country, a federalist system. Each state is a laboratory of representative democracy. Everyone is free to move to whichever state they want.

  3. I know I’ve mentioned this before … but more than ever I remember what my dissertation director said to me years ago, when I insisted that the USA was strong enough to recover from any crisis. She said, “Phoebe, you’re a Classicist, so you know how quickly a civilization can collapse.”

    I feel as though I’m watching our civilization collapse. But I keep hoping that Marjorie (my director) was wrong and I was right.

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