A KGB Defector Warned Us

Yuri Bezmenov defected from the Soviet KGB in the 1980s. In this 13-minute video, he warned us what the Soviets were trying to do to us. It happens in four stages.

First, “demoralization.” This would take 20 years or more. Use the schools and universities to “educate” young Americans to hate their country, sneer at their family’s religion, and abandon traditional morality for each new thing that comes down the pike–most of it bad.

Second “destabilization,” two to five years: destabilize the economy, foreign relations, and defense. Obama excelled at those things.

Third, “crisis.” In just six weeks or so, America’s communist enemies right here at home can brew up a nationwide crisis that makes people desperate and ready for a major change, which communism will provide. We seem to be at Stage Three today.

Four, “normalization”–a euphemism for permanent “change,” which would be Far Left Crazy change, a la Bernie Sanders. They can keep it in place by continually offering more free stuff, lying to the people, scaring them, getting them to snitch on each other–sort of a Mayor DeBlasio gig for the whole country. The lockdown, The Great Quarantine, with Democrat mayors and governors constantly moving the goalposts so we never get to the end of it, looks like batting practice in advance of the big game.

Funny–the Soviet Union is history, but their campaign against us continues apace, carried out by the fools and villains who were demoralized some 25 years ago.

And once America goes belly-up, Bezmenov warned, “There will be no place left to defect to.”

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  1. CRISIS?
    “WATCH: Suspicious Mystery Grows Debating Obama’s Tweeted Photo of George Floyd NINE DAYS Before His Death” – 6/9/20

    Obama, always the community organizer. Soviets couldn’t have made such inroads over the last 8 years without BHO to organize it and Soros to pay for it. That’s my educated opinion. And the Democrats to turn tyranny into law.

  2. In the 20th century we fought communism and fascism abroad. When the Soviet Union fell we thought communism was dead. We were wrong. We ignored the threat of communism and fascism in our own backyard. It has been allowed to grow and metastasized to the point where it is now chocking the life out of its host.

    Those who should have been keeping guard and watching over us have long since abandoned their post. Now, the American people are the last line of defense. Our parents and grandparent’s fight was the Cold War. This is our generation’s fight. The odds may seem against us but fight we must. At stake is our Republic, our way of life, and everything we hold dear.

    The enemy is ruthless and relentless, but we have something they don’t have, God. If God be for us, who can be against us? We must do the things we can do. Speak out, vote, whatever it takes. But we must also pray for divine intervention and a spiritual awakening. For there is no greater threat to communism than Christians.

    1. I’m pretty sure he only likes righteous nations and people. If he turns us, then we will be turned. But we’re supposed to be on his side, not the other way around.

    2. I don’t, for a moment, believe that God judges us by national boundaries. The US was, at one time, a predominately Christian nation, and the blessings were automatic. When people lived moral, orderly lives, we had a moral, orderly society. As we’ve moved away from that, our nation, as a whole, has suffered, but that’s our doing, as a collective national body, and not the result of some national blessing.

      Look at Germany after WW I. It became a very decadent, immoral society. There were still many fine Christians there, but the social momentum was secular. A terrible epoch followed which all but destroyed the country. Sadly, many decent people suffered along with the others whom had adopted a pagan stance.

      We see it in many places, as civilization unravels. It is not simply a matter of political ideology, but the character of the people. Look at the two Koreas. South Korea has a lot of Christians and is a model of prosperity and productivity. North Korea is decreed to be a secular society and it’s anything but a model of prosperity and productivity.

    3. Nevertheless we pray to Him to heal our nation–because this is where we live, this is home–to bless it, and protect it, and to open its eyes and bring it back to its senses so we can repent before it’s too late.

      DeTocqueville said America is great because America is good.

      But the Democrat Party has fully and unreservedly given itself to evil.

    4. I agree completely. America has had a streak of goodness in it since day one. It has its shortcomings, but the underlying decency of our nation has always won out. I do pray for this nation, but my point is simply that God sees us as individuals. It is the accumulation of individual goodness that made America great. That’s where our healing is to be found.

    5. True–God has His people in every country on the globe, brothers and sisters whose names we’ll never know. Some of them have blessed us with their presence on this blog.

    6. IMO, many of God’s blessings are automatic. Lead an orderly, moral life with awareness of one’s humble standing before our Creator, and you will do well because of it. Such a person will be a valued worker. Such a person will be likely to have a strong bond of love in their family. Such a person will be likely to make good life choices.

      I grew up in a neighborhood of such people, in fact, several neighborhoods of such people. Most of my neighbors were very decent people. I could go for a walk at midnight and never feel ill at ease. For one thing, I knew that the people in my neighborhood were good people and that I could count on them to do the right thing. If I needed help, they would help me, and I’d help them. These weren’t high dollar paradises, available to the select few; they were modest working class neighborhoods with mechanics, tradesmen and the like, living modest lives. Reflecting back on those times, the goodness that was ubiquitous then, has become rare in our day.

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