Race-Mongering Hits IBM

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(Well, there’s always the Identi-Kit)

In advance of Democrats in Congress proposing legislation to have all the nation’s local police forces micromanaged by the federal government, IBM has announced it’s dropping its research and development of facial recognition technology (https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/ibm-quits-facial-recognition-racial-profiling-concerns-1297675).

Why? Because being able to tell one face from another equals “racial profiling,” with “racial and gender disparities” and “human rights violations,” blah-blah-blah.

The fact that other companies are out-competing IBM in this field is securely tucked behind the curtain.

Leftids rejoice. Said one lump of a college professor, “Shutting down business… can be done!” Hooray. Obey Only Black Lives Matter, or we’ll shut you down.

If this technology really worked like it’s supposed to, wouldn’t that mean many fewer people mistakenly arrested and charged with crimes?

Anyhow, the CEO of IBM is yapping about “police technology” and how he doesn’t want police to have it.

How about government? Is it okay for the Deep State to have it? Y’know, like, so they could stop Republicans from being elected president.

They don’t want a lot of little Big Brothers. Just a couple of really big Big Brothers.

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  1. Communist China is big on facial recognition. I read an article on Epoch News that 1% of the CCP own half the wealth of China, and that the average Chinese makes a poverty wage. The article also said that the CCP elites send their children and relatives to other countries because they know China’s economy is going to crash. Can’t wait to see that so the Chinese, especially the Christians in China, can regroup to form a true republican form of government.

    1. I think Democrats would just love to have a government monopoly on that technology, so they could use it like the Chicoms use it.

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