Is What We’re Seeing… Real?

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I can’t go to all those places and talk to all those people. What I see of the world, I see mostly through the window of the media. And I already know that the nooze media are 100% invested in some bogus “narrative” and that they lie at the drop of a hat.

So is what we’re seeing through that window real, or is it an illusion created by the media for a political purpose by carefully selecting sound bites and images whose effect is to deceive us into buying into their narrative?

You would surely get the impression, trundling through the nooze today, that virtually everybody now recognizes that America’s a racist hell-hole, police are homicidal monsters, white people are evil and need to be brought down–and what’s more, now they know it, and admit it!–and that the slightest word of any race hustler is tantamount to holy write.

But is that a true impression? Is it what’s really happening, or only what the nooze media want us to believe is happening? Remember, noozies never tell the truth if they can help it. Truth burns their lips.

You’d think our country was right on the brink of being overthrown and replaced by a race-based brass-knuckled socialist ant-hill, with no police but plenty of Antifa–and furthermore, that almost everybody wants this!

Will someone please stand up and tell the truth?

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  1. We are being played, it is obvious, with only a minimal amount of common sense. Not long ago, a white young man was given the identical treatment by police, he died, and not a word was spoken about it. The so called virus has been found to be an ordinary bacterial “flu” and every death from whatever cause is being reported to be the “virus”. It goes on and on, but the truth is avoided and the lies are being used in the same manner as they have always been It is about population control, and fear is one of the main tools. If we read Matthew24, it is plain as day, right to the last word.

    1. Different groups of Christians disagree about this. Certainly it could be. To my way of thinking, a prophecy might be fulfilled more than once.

  2. I think your on to something Lee. There’s a lot of problems in America, and the world, but in my day to day life things are pretty normal. A took a break from the news last Sunday and it felt great. The news shows just a slice of life, usually the worst part of it.

    1. I strongly suspect we’re being played for suckers. Democrats trying to panic America into voting for them.
      If they ever get back in, we’re finished.

  3. It’a an election year, the Dems always play the Race Card in a Presicential election cycle, that is what this is all about – getting rid of Trump, and thus us the deplorables is the goal.

  4. Taking extensive, frequent breaks from listening to, viewing, and reading news media has done wonders for my peace of mind.

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