Erasing Our Past

Now here’s a statue you can really be afraid of!

Do you like the way leftids make war on the dead? They’re puffed up with courage when they go up against statues.

Now it’s the state of General George Armstrong Custer, in Custer’s home town of Monroe, Michigan, that they want pulled down ( Most famous for being wiped out in Custer’s Last Stand, Custer also played a dramatic part at the Battle of Gettysburg.

So libs have gotten up a petition to have the statue removed. As one of their more articulate spokes-amoebas said, “All of us feel like if this is up, then we have no justice, we have no peace at all, honestly. It feels like it’s a threat to us, honestly.” Anybody who has to say “honestly” that many times is probably not honest.

What? Are they afraid the statue’s going to climb down from its base at night and stalk the streets? Why don’t they take up a collection to put up a statue of Crazy Horse, the victor at Custer’s Last Stand? He was a heroic figure. He deserves a statue. He deserves to be celebrated.

But no. G.A.C. is gonna murder them all in their beds or something, his statue is an existential threat.

Why do we let them rob us of our history?

I think to make us like infants, easily controlled.

7 comments on “Erasing Our Past

  1. They are so sickeningly stupid, I feel like throwing up when they start their little childish tirades. I want to say, “just go suck on your pacifiers, and leave us grownups alone.”

  2. I wish some mayors would say, “Fine. If you want to buy the statue and its surrounding land, you can do with it anything you want. The price is….” and then name whatever the citizens of the place paid for it in their taxes, adjusted for inflation. After that, fine them if they violate any ordinances about upkeep and maintenance, as would be done to any other private property. If they refuse to pay but take down or deface the statue anyway, charge them with vandalism and/or larceny, and fine them accordingly.

    Then use the money collected from them to put up a duplicate statue somewhere else.

    I can dream, can’t I?

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