Little Tin Gods

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Why aren’t we talking about the fact that all these disordered cities, where all these terrible things are happening… are cities run by Democrats? They can’t run Minneapolis, but they want to run the country. The jerks with all this supposed racism in their cities say they can give us a racism-free America.

But this is boilerplate left-wing stupid humanist ideology, the whole idea of toweringly imperfect people creating a perfect society and state: trolls establishing utopia. All the world needs is just a little tweaking–well, all right, maybe a very great deal of extremely violent tweaking–all of it administered by leftists–and it’ll be a paradise!

So… just elect a doddering old crook as president, throw in a passel of race hustlers, some crooked cops to run the FBI, and season it with transgender craziness–and voila! America’s problems are solved! They may have to break a lot more eggs to make the omelet, but with Democrats in charge, it just can’t help but turn out right.

The perfect society and the perfect state cannot be achieved by imperfect human beings. We will not see it until Christ’s throne is established on the earth.

It certainly isn’t going to be achieved by loons and anarchists, rioting and arson, letting all the jailbirds out of jail, and prosecuting normal people for Climate Change Denial and misgendering. Bad people do not make good things. They should’ve taught you that in kindergarten. But they were probably busy teaching that you can be a boy today and a girl tomorrow.

We are in this mess because we as a nation, along with many other nations, have turned our backs on God. Our, ahem, “leaders” want to be our gods. Look at the fun they’ve been having with the COVID quarantine. Imagine if they never had to stop.

The only way out is to repent, seek God, and turn from this madness and run, don’t walk, the other way.


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  1. The doddering old crook as president, Joe Biden will only be a figurehead and all of the old Obama gang will be running the show again. Thank goodness for the Amendment that limits a President to two terms.

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