‘Australia’s Mystery Cats (Big and Scary)’ (2013)

In recent years, quite a few people in rural Australia have seen big black cats that don’t belong there and might be dangerous. But no one has shot or captured one, the authorities haven’t taken any action, so no one knows what these critters are.

Australia’s Mystery Cats (Big and Scary)

The video above is later than my 2013 post, so we note some changes. A few kills have been found stashed up trees: leopards do that. A man claims to have shot one and has pictures of it–which have been dismissed as a hoax. And a few government rangers have said they’ve seen the big cats, too.

But why are they always black cats? A “black panther” is a natural variation found among leopards and jaguars–so where are the normally-colored leopards or jaguars?

Meanwhile, some of those amateur videos look pretty real to me.


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  1. It sounds to me like there are Leopards in Australia. Whether escaped from circuses (which I consider unlikely) or indigenous, they are obviously there.

    The scientific community speaks with great authority regarding what is and what is not out there, but they’ve been known to be wrong. All of my life, I have been told that Greater Cats are extinct in North America, but the cats didn’t get that memo and inconveniently keep showing up on wildlife cameras. So we are treated to fanciful explanations of arduous treks along creek beds (creeks in these parts are doing well to have water in them 1% of the time) and warm us that if they build a border wall, these Jaguars will never meet any prospective girlfriends.

    How’s this for an idea? The “experts” merely assumed that because they weren’t seeing any Jaguars, that they must be extinct in these parts and the ones showing up in the wildlife cameras were the exceptions. Except this! There are Jaguar in the southern US, just like there have been for a long time. Just because the “experts” said they didn’t exist, doesn’t mean that they didn’t. Even “experts” can’t be everywhere at once.

    This is the same logic that claims life sprang from rain falling on lifeless rocks. The fact that their evolutionary fairy tale has not turned up any transitional species, except the time that they found the pig’s tooth and turned that into a narrative of an entirely new species between man and ape. When they figured out that it came from a pig, they strangely forgot to do a press release.

    Then there’s Lucy, the definitive transitional species. It would seem that they found a skeleton that was remarkably similar to that of a chimpanzee, which is a species known to exist in Africa, although sometimes I hear distinctly chimpanzee-like chattering coming from certain politicians.

    Anyhow, Lucy was all chimp, except for one finger, which seemed human. Of course they never advertised the fact that the finger was found 7 miles away and in a different strata, but interlectuals know that their time is too valuable to be wasted on such trivial details, especially when finding a dead chimpanzee and a human finger bone, 7 miles apart, proves evolution to an absolute certainty.

    The foolish one has said in his heart, “there is no God”.

    1. It is truly amazing how fast the world fell for the Theory of Evolution and swallowed it hook, line, and sinker. It will take many generations to get this gigantic lie out of the consciousness of the human race.

  2. I can never understand why people make up hoaxes like this guy did. Are they that starved for attention and some meaning in their life? Or are they so into darkness they live to mess with people’s minds? I’ve known people who lie even when they don;t have to – and I avoid them like the plague.

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