Mr. Nature: Sea Spiders

Before we move on to any demoralizing nooze, here’s Mr. Nature with a safari to the ocean floor in search of sea spiders. Please feel free to ignore the cutesy narration.

Very few of this have ever seen one of these critters, and most of us have probably not heard of them. Which is odd, because there are hundreds of species of sea spiders and they’re found world-wide in both deep and shallow water. But as most of them are very small and quiet, it would be easy not to notice them.

I’ve been fascinated by these creatures for a long time. How can you not be fascinated by an animal whose vital organs are in its legs because there’s no room for them in its body?

Fap to the evolution fairy tale. What hath God wrought!

‘Australia’s Mystery Cats (Big and Scary)’ (2013)

In recent years, quite a few people in rural Australia have seen big black cats that don’t belong there and might be dangerous. But no one has shot or captured one, the authorities haven’t taken any action, so no one knows what these critters are.

Australia’s Mystery Cats (Big and Scary)

The video above is later than my 2013 post, so we note some changes. A few kills have been found stashed up trees: leopards do that. A man claims to have shot one and has pictures of it–which have been dismissed as a hoax. And a few government rangers have said they’ve seen the big cats, too.

But why are they always black cats? A “black panther” is a natural variation found among leopards and jaguars–so where are the normally-colored leopards or jaguars?

Meanwhile, some of those amateur videos look pretty real to me.


One Weird Fish! The Goblin Shark

Hi, Mr. Nature here–with a deep-sea creature that looks like the product of a special effects crew.

The goblin shark wasn’t discovered until 1898. It has two far-out features. First, that long thing sticking way out the top of its head. It’s not a nose or a horn. It’s full of tiny sensors that enable the shark, in deep and lightless waters, to detect electrical fields given off by living things it might want to eat.

The second weird feature is a set of jaws that can be shot out in front of its head to catch prey–sort of like the choppers on the monster in Alien. Zap! Gotcha!

The shark in the video probably didn’t mean to attack the diver, and only accidentally got its teeth caught in the wet suit. This gives us a really good look at those extendable jaws.

Probably the closest look we’ll ever want to get.