Biden: Christians are ‘Like Terrorists’

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Here’s a story that I missed last year. It wasn’t hard to miss it: the Big Nooze Media didn’t exactly shout it from the housetops, did they?

Joe Biden said he wants a national “registry”–sorta like a terrorist watch list–of all “religious organizations”–he means Christian churches, nobody else–who oppose any aspect of Organized Sodomy’s social/political agenda (

Christians in Biblically orthodox churches, he said–this was at an “LGBT town hall” hosted by CNN in 2019–are “like terrorist groups, they’re similar.”

This is the man the Democrats want to put in the White House.

He calls himself a Catholic. No fear of the Red Pope excommunicating him! It just goes to show you anyone can call himself a Catholic.

This is what he said in 2019. No one’s going to ask him about it in 2020. A terror watch list for churches is one of those things Democrats would enjoy springing on us by surprise.

If they win this election, we’re finished. Really, it’s not that hard to wreck a country. Any fool can do it. And Democrats are evil fools.

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  1. How absolutely depraved and dangerous. I would HATE to be in his shoes at the Judgement Seat.

  2. Former President Obama recently was at a fund-raising event for the LBGTQ community. He says what is happening on the streets in America today is a “great awakening,” That about says it all.

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