‘Selective Depravity’

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We’re not there yet, but we seem to be getting there.

This new essay by Mark Rushdoony examines the insane turbulence of the era of history we’ve blundered into lately.


First they leave God’s laws behind; then they decide that they might as well be God, and dream up some new “laws,” new ways of deciding who’s good and who’s totally depraved and must be punished–by the state, of course.

All the rage in the streets, the confusion of justice with vengeance–it’s all part of “the death throes of humanism.” The beast is dying. It knows it’s dying, and it lashes out to hurt whoever it can.

Stand together, brethren.

3 comments on “‘Selective Depravity’

  1. INdeed, you could not be more correct in this. They all need to sit down and read through the books of Hosea and Amos, and think seriously what they have to say. There is a great book by Bill Cloud titled Esau Rising. It is right on point.

  2. Mark Rushdoony is right on the money. Humanism is collapsing and the Gospel is the answer to today’s situation as it is always the answer. I am currently reading Dinesh D’Souza’s new book “The United States of Socialism.” It is very good. He traces the history of Socialism in America and how the Progressives have used it to empower themselves. They took the avant-garde/Bohemian culture of the 1960’s and “immoralized” America through the universities and a coalition of fringe groups to establish a depraved moral standard, i.e. reversing the former hierarchy of authority. This book helps explain how things changed so fast and why all of a sudden the transgenders have taken center stage.

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