‘Crazy Science: Rats with Human Brains’ (2017)

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I wonder what kind of progress (if that’s the word for it) they’ve made on this since 2017. Does the world still need rats with human brains, or has it moved on to something even more ridiculous?

Crazy Science: Rats with Human Brains

Why do [trumpet fanfare] Scientists do stuff like this? I’ll bet Boris Karloff could’ve told us.

Imagine the chagrin of the first human who loses a chess game to a rat–after betting his house on it.

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  1. There is a limit at which God will allow man to go. Some scientists seem to make it their life’s ambition to hit that limit. Example: How about a pandemic that is truly deadly like in Stephen King’s “The Stand?”

  2. I don’t know about rats with tiny human brains, but I’ve known some humans who seem to have been given tiny rats’ brains.

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