Is Chess Racist?

THE SEVENTH SEAL (Ingmar Bergman, 1958) A Knight's Despair ...

They’re as crazy Down Under as they are up here.

Taxpayer-funded Australian public radio, ABC, recently tried to open a discussion about chess being “racist” because White moves first, blah-blah ( The first Australian chess official they tried to rope in declined to appear, so they got someone else to try to defend something that doesn’t really need defending and anyway who’s listening? Everything is racist! Case closed!

You can’t even play chess anymore without getting nagged by race-obsessed stupid white liberals. They drag it into everything.

This has begun to resemble full-blown mental illness. Again we ask–do they want to ban everything? How about vanilla ice cream? White paint? Paper towels? Where does it stop?

I don’t think they know. Do you?


12 comments on “Is Chess Racist?

  1. Last night on Tucker Carlson’s Show he critiqued the book by Robin DlAngelo “White Fragility” which he predicts will be required reading in our public schools. It is currently the best selling book at Amazon. It says over and over that all white people are racist. Venezuela under Chavez used this same tactic.

  2. This is the end result of post modernism. If there’s no such thing as truth then reality becomes distorted and the end result is insanity. But ultimately, it all began with the rejection of God. Without God there is no truth.

  3. The Holocaust should be a reminder what happens when you marginalize and demonize and entire group of people. It’s just low-key racism disguised as social justice.

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