How Much of This Do We Believe?

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I see the same employees at the supermarket every time I go, which is twice a week at least. They’re always there.

Now, we’ve been told the Wuhan Chicom Death Virus is a major pestilence that’s gonna wipe out hundreds of thousands of us, if not millions–yeah, let’s make it millions. And there are all these “spikes” in states that have made the mistake of letting people out of house arrest and allowing some of the economy to come back on line. We are never told just how sick these people in the “spike” are getting.

Anyway, if all this alarmist stuff were true… wouldn’t we all know people who’ve caught COVID-19 and died of it?

I’ve taken to asking my friends at the supermarket, “Do you know anyone who’s had COVID-19?” The answer is always no. Always.

I asked my wife, who reads the news intently, “Is it just me, or is there more and more skepticism about The Virus?”

Well, it’s not just me. There is now a lot of skepticism. I mean, if The Virus was everything “they” said it was, wouldn’t it be impossible to deny it? Would there be any room for skepticism? But people are now calling it “the Plan-demic” and depicting it as another insidious plot by globalists to take over the world and devour everybody’s freedom.

Is it not obvious that Democrats want this agony to go on for as long as possible–right up to Election Day, if they can swing it–so they can blame Trump and get weird demented corrupt Joe Biden elected president? How many times has this ploy worked–make a big fat mess and then blame it on the other guy?

One thing I know: Americans have shown an unexpected spinelessness, a whole new willingness to be controlled and cossetted. We are not the same sort of people who threw the tea into Boston harbor.

This is to our shame.

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  1. I don’t know anyone who has had it. Two or three months ago, supposedly one (out of 300 something) employees had it, but of course they wouldn’t say who it was and I haven’t heard anything else about. My granny’s friend had it as well, but recovered (this lady is in her 70s).
    In fact, I know more people who have had the flu (which is pretty much everyone I know). I’ve had bronchitis three times this year, but no coronavirus.

  2. I do not believe anything “they” say about much of anything. Years ago, I read a book by John Stormer titled None Dare Call it Treason, and he nailed a lot of this junk long before it became epidemic. I have read much about the desire of one-worlders, and this situation screams it loud and clear. I too am disappointed in the tendency of so many of the current population to be herded like helpless sheep. It is certainly not the mind set of people I grew up with.

  3. Cases may be spiking but to my knowledge deaths are not. The fact that they blame this on easing restrictions and not the protestors and rioters proves it’s all political. Covid is just a convenient control mechanism. When you keep people quarantined it only prolongs the epidemic because it finds new hosts who have no immunity to it.

  4. Yes, yes, and yes. Gates promised us a second wave of the virus at the beginning of the first one. Science papers indicate, with numbers, graphs, and research, that over 85% of COVID deaths are attributable to seniors already on their death beds from having a multiple of life threatening diseases. Many trusted authorities said the numbers are heavily inflated because almost everyone who is tested is included in the count even if they have the usual seasonal flu, which by the way is lower than it’s ever been. And of course you know about the ventilators that actually gave people the virus, sickened some and killed many, according to many scientists and doctors. Sweden by the way has less cases than our fakestream media is telling us and they didn’t even lockdown. Sweden’s medical establishment is saying herd immunity is increasing.
    “How To Sue Your Governor”- 5/26/20 Allan Stevo

    1. Of course, you’re right as usual. Sometimes when I’m bored I engage in acts of futility. But I still blame the Republicans for not challenging the states with massive voting fraud and rigging, even though it began with obama. Eg: Pennsylvania has a conservative Republican majority of upstate voters; how did they get a Democratic governor? Let me count the way…

  5. I am one degree of separation from someone that had it and recovered. It was contracted in a hospital, while under treatment for something unrelated. The person in question is in poor health, overall, but they recovered without any lasting effect.

  6. A “Plan-demic” – that’s a good one. Now Biden & Pelosi want to make wearing a mask in public a federal law. How fascistic can you get? Where did all the true Americans go? Dinesh D’Souza wants Trump to start a major news broadcasting company when he leaves office in 2025 to compete with the alphabet news companies – he figures it will take 500 million to launch it.

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