‘The Vice President of Gomorrah’ (2014)

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As vice president, Joe Biden wanted to lean on defenseless African countries to force them to adopt “gay rights.” Now he’s running for president, and millions of people are going to vote for him. That is a mystery.

The Vice President of Gomorrah

This is a new kind of imperialism: put the sodomites in the driver’s seat, or we’ll starve out your country.

But as president, Biden and his playmates may be too busy annihilating what’s left of America to bother with picking on Africa.

To paraphrase Biden himself: If you’re supporting Biden, you ain’t a good person.

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    1. Yeahbut, yeahbut! The POLLS (can we get that in neon lights?) say it’ll be Corrupt Creepy Senile Uncle Joe by a landslide! You believe The POLLS, don’t you?

  1. You give the devil and inch and he takes a mile. The church should be asking itself, why is this happening? And then repent of its Laodocean spirit – and I include myself in this exhortation.

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