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So what have they done about systemic racism lately?

The Ban Everything movement has moved on to… superheroes, in a piece written by some airhead at Time Magazine ( who does not appear to understand that superheroes aren’t real.

Yep, superheroes need “a cultural reckoning,” she babbled, blaming “superhero creators for being white men”–forsooth, for being (gasp!) “straight white men.” So the world needs “more creators of color,” yatta-yatta. Uh, so who’s stopping “creators of color” from creating their own superheroes?

Our existing superheroes, she complained, are “vigilantes” who “decide the parameters of justice” without any oversight committee to ride herd over them.

Superheroes are dull, annoying, and vapid at their best. People used to outgrow them, but not anymore. But to make them even more dull, annoying, and vapid, this lulu at Time sez superheroes from now on ought to “reckon with issues of systemic racism”–which is imaginary, and only Far Left Crazy types believe in it–along with other burning issues like transphobia, homophobia, and phobophobia, etc.

Assorted “critics” have objected to this essay, perhaps moved by a suspicion that bad movies should not be made worse. A movie which you watch to relax shouldn’t be turned into a nagathon. It shouldn’t pepper you with woke crapola.

What do we have to do to shut these people up?

Honk if you think we need to bring back the ducking stool.

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  1. Song: “What the world needs now” is love, pure love, that’s the only thing that the world has too little of…”


  2. That’s what cultural Marxism is about. But what they’re selling many people aren’t buying.

    1. These wackos will take over if Biden wins. Really, it’s not that hard to wreck a country. You’d think after 100 years or so we’d understand what it means for communists to get control of our country–but our so-called education system has rendered whole generations of us intellectually defenseless. And deeply ignorant.

      I admit it: I’m scared.

  3. Honk! “Phobophobia?” That really cracked me up. I googled the Times writer Eliana Dockterman and she looks like a white woman to me. Interesting, huh. You’re right – what’s stopping folks from creating superheroes that happen to be people of color? For example, we have Black Panther and Spiderman into the Spiderverse, both films that I happened to enjoy.

    1. Then they won’t know what kind of movies to make. Hollywood’s not exactly Original Idea-Land. You can only go so far with remakes of “Gigli.”

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